performing artist visas

For performing artists, touring in the U.S. can be enormously rewarding, but getting into the U.S. can be very difficult. In most situations, foreign performers need special visas to enter the U.S., but getting these visas can be expensive, slow, and confusing. Getting the best visa guidance is critical to an artist’s success, and no law firm is more renowned for providing artists with reliable, artist-centered, affordable counsel.

Led by partner and respected arts advocate Will Spitz, the group is made up of associate lawyers Lee Clark, Abyan Gurase, and Marshal Garbus with senior case managers Brian Zabinski and Shelley Pinker and case managers Talia Protos, Janet Rucker, Hannah Barlow, and Zoe McKeown. CoveyLaw’s Performing Artist Visas Group understands artists’ needs, and will work with you to get you the visa you need, affordably and on time.

The links below will give you a good sense of how the process works. If you have questions or if you know you want to work with us, please contact Will Spitz.

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